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To assist the military in fulfilling its ideal mission: ensuring victory before war by preventing enemies from arising.

To educate military and civilian officials about Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) through courses on Supreme Military Science, meetings, conferences, Internet technologies and media reports.

To help military personnel and veterans combat stress-related problems like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Information (including online videos) about combating PTSD with Transcendental Meditation (TM), the practical component of IDT, is available by clicking here.


The International Conference on Comprehensive Assistance for Participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine for Integration to Civilian Life was held at the "Central House of Officers" in Kiev, Ukraine. This conference was co-sponsored by NATO, the David Lynch Foundation of Ukraine, and the State Service of Ukraine on War Veterans and Participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine approved their own TM pilot PTSD study. For more information including pictures, read this report by Ekkehart Kahl. Due to the success of this international conference the military of Ukraine has begun the implementation phase of their deployment. For more details, see this short online video "Creating Peace in Ukraine" from DLFTV.

Due to the success in Ukraine, the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) hosted an international conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Lt. General (Ret.) Vasyl Krutov, former chief of the Ukraine Anti-Terrorism Center was among the impressive list of participants who spoke at or voiced their support for the conference. Others included: President Joachim Chissano of Mozambique, who applied innovative IDT programs to end that nation’s civil war; retired Ecuadorian Lt. General José Villamil, who also applied IDT to end war between Ecuador and Peru; and Mr. Mohd Khalid Naseemi, the founder and Director-General of the Afghanistan Environmental Society.

Lt. Gen. (Ret) Clarence E. McKnight - "I have first-hand knowledge of the power of TM stemming from my time at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, way back in 1971..." In 2008 he received the 2008 Distinguished Graduate Award at Westpoint.

His articles published in The Hill and The Huffington Post are particularly relevant because they feature evidence-based examples how the TM program could help alleviate PTSD.

McKnight's coauthored IDT article:  Preventive Defense as the Ultimate Game Changer was published worldwide and featured in Indian Defence Review and Eurasia Review – A Journal of Analysis and News.

Rear Admiral (Dr.) Richard W. Schneider, USCGR (Ret.), a former president of Norwich University wrote in Politico:

"TM [Transcendental Meditation] helps military cadets become more resilient, according to Norwich University studies, so that they can be better soldiers on the battlefield as well as better equipped to recover from the traumas of war and have a normal life after returning home."

An article in The Lahore Times reports: "Major General (Ret.) Stephen Rippe, a member of the NU board of trustees, says, “[TM practice] is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. You work out, you take care of your body, you do Transcendental Meditation, it helps you take care of your mind. The powerful part of that is that it actually, physiologically improves your brain functioning.” This article features a short online DLFTV video "Transcendental Meditation at Norwich University" describing the successful implantation of the TM program at this oldest private military college in the United States.

Due to the initial sucess at Norwich, National Defense University in Washington, DC has begun first phase implementation. For more details, see this short online video "TM At the National Defense University (2020)" from DLFTV.

Colonel Brian Rees, M.D. (Retd) - the Application of Vedic Science in the Military -- CAMS member Dr. Brian Rees, a retired colonel from the Medical Corps, US Army Reserve, addressed the International Conference to Re-Establish Vedic India. He presented some amazing results from scientific studies demonstrating the effective relief from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and restoring resilence through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Dr. Rees also published an article "Overview of Outcome Data of Potential Meditation Training for Soldier Resilience" in Military Medicine. The article abstract is available online.

These Op-Eds and letter published in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and Air Force Times on this topic. This ariticle titled: "Transcendental meditation: A path to healing" published on The Official Homepage of the United States Army may also be of interest.


US Army War College Paper on Invincible Defense
More Publications

Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) expert Dr. David Leffler's: "Guest Editorial: Time for a new approach" published in The Sentinel
[The hometown news paper of the US Army War College.]

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Second International Conference on Invincible Defence


Dr. David Leffler's Editorial "Creating an Invincible Military" was published in Real Clear Defense and featured by Fox News and reprinted in "United States Air Force Center for Unconventional Weapons Studies (CUWS) Outreach Journal." Issue No. 1274.

Police Writers published an article by John Theobald and Dr. David Leffler entitled "Combating Stress in Police Work and Preventing Crime, Terrorism, and War."

Ecuador has deployed a fully operational Invincible Defense Technology system. For information, please see the "Ecuador's Invincible Military: Photo Gallery" and "Latin American Country of Ecuador Has an Invincible Military."

Utilizing Powerful Peace-Creating Technologies to Combat Cyber Warfare - Article by Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Kulwant Singh and Dr. David Leffler, based on "55 Trends for Cyberwar." Presented by Dr. Marvin J. Cetron, President, Forecasting International at Future of Information Warfare and Information Operations, Sponsored by JIOPO, CIA, DIA, and NSA U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA.


Video: Important message for the military from Dr. John Hagelin regarding "The Race for Inner Space" (1:13:00) Transcription with full-sized images

MP3 Audio: Tovia Singer Interview on Israel National Radio with Dr. David Leffler (0:13:00)

KKNW AM 11500 (Seattle, Washington). interview with Dr. David Leffler on "Enlighten Your Life" show

Voice of the Cape's after five Drivetime Show has a national and international flavor focusing on issues making news where the biggest story of the day or week is analyzed. South African host Shafiq Morton interviewed American Dr. David Leffler on a unique solution to the Ukraine crisis. Listen to the 20-minute interview on online.


"The purpose of the military is to keep war from happening — or to end it quickly if it does happen."
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Life Supported by Natural Law

Enlightenment to Every Individual, Invinciblity to Every Nation

Compliments to Military Service

Unified Field-
Based Defense

Contrasting Strategies of National Defense

Maj. General (Retd.) Kulwant Singh

Major General (Retd.) Kulwant Singh, Ph.D., U.Y.S.M.
Director General, Maharishi Invincible Defense Program & Maharishi Corporate Development Program

Major General (Dr.) Kulwant Singh, UYSM, Ret. received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Defence Studies from Chennai University. He also has a postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Development from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in New Delhi. Dr. Singh has a postgraduate diploma in Management from the Regional College of Management and Technology (RCMT). He qualified for the prestigious Higher Command Course at College of Combat and is a graduate of the Defence Service Staff Collage. Maj. Gen. Singh is a veteran of two wars with Pakistan (1965 and 1971). He commanded two active combat formations: a division deployed along Indo-China border, and a Brigade deployed on line of control against Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir (both in snow bound high altitude areas). Maj. Gen. Singh had significant experience fighting terrorism at the levels of execution, planning and concepts in Sri Lanka and in India, in extremely challenging and hostile environments. He was awarded the Uttam Yudh Sewa Medal, the second highest decoration for senior officers during operations in Sri Lanka as part of IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force). Dr. Singh was the Director of Maharishi Institute of Management (MIM) at Noida, near New Delhi and Vice Chancellor of Maharishi University of Management and Technology (MUMT) located at Bilaspur in Chhttisgarh (Central India). Today he is leading an international group of generals and defense experts that advocates Invincible Defense Technology. Dr. Singh lives in New Delhi, India. "Publications On Invincible Defense"

David R. Leffler, Ph.D.

David R. Leffler, Ph.D., United States Air Force Veteran
Executive Director

David R. Leffler received his Ph.D. from The Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio where he did his doctoral research on the topic of Invincible Military Defense. His other academic degrees include: a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi International University (MIU) in Fairfield, Iowa and an M.M. in Education from New Mexico State University at Las Cruces. David was a member of the U.S. Air Force for nearly nine years.

David was assigned to Tactical Air Command (TAC), United States Armed Forces in Europe (USAFE), Air Training Command (ATC) and Strategic Air Command (SAC). His military decorations include: the United States Air Force Commendation Medal, the United States Air Force Achievement Medal, the United States National Defense Service Medal, and the United States Air Force Good Conduct Medal, with one oak leaf cluster.

David served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College and is a member of the U.S. Naval Institute. Proteus published an appendix about Invincible Defence Technology entitled "An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism" that appears in "55 Trends Now Shaping the Future of Terrorism."

Articles by Dr. Leffler or about him and Invincible Defense Technology have been featured in over 1,900 locations worldwide. Most are available online by clicking here.

Dr. Leffler presented a paper about Invincible Defense Technology at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, and at the International Sociological Association Research Committee 01 Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World. This paper was later published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Management & Social Science (JMSS). He spoke on this topic at the "5th Annual Countering IEDs - Assessing the IED Threat and its Evolution on the Battlefield and in the Homeland" conference in the Washington, DC. The title of his briefing was "Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) as a Means to Prevent the Implementation of IEDs."

David has also given presentations about Invincible Defense Technology at the Russian Air Force Academy, The Russian Academy of Sciences, and defense-related institutions in the United States such as the Institute of Defense and Business. He is a founding member of CAMS and a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Dr. Leffler maintains a comprehensive list of Invincible Defense Technology links, including a link to his 177-page doctoral dissertation for his Ph.D. in Consciousness-Based Military Defense on his personal website. In 2008, he received the Maharishi Award for his pioneering work in Invincible Defense Technology. Contact information for Dr. David Leffler is available at:

Colonel Brian M. Rees

Colonel (Ret.) Brian M. Rees, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Corps, US Army Reserve
Co-Director of Invincible Defense for the United States

COL (Ret.) Brian M. Rees, MD, M.P.H. is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College and the US Army War College. He retired with over 30 years of commissioned military service. In the US Army Reserve, COL Rees was the former Command Surgeon, 63d Regional Support Command, Moffett Field California. In 2004, Dr. Rees was called to active duty and deployed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany. In 2005, he was deployed to Afghanistan where he served as the Brigade Surgeon for Task Force Guardian and as the Chief Medical Officer for the Bagram Theater Internment Facility (home of all the Taliban and Al-Qaeda detainees). In Winter/Spring 2006, he was deployed again as the head of outpatient medicine for the detainees at Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq. Col. Rees was again deployed to Iraq in March 2007. He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion.

Dr. Rees is a board certified family physician who received his medical degree and masters degree in public health from Tulane University. He has taught the Transcendental Meditation technique and researched the deployment of technologies of consciousness for the reduction of violent conflict. COL Rees builds a case for using these human resource-based technologies to prevent terrorism and war is his book, Terrorism, Retaliation and Victory: Awaken the Soul of America to Defeat Terrorism Without Casualties and in his latest book Detained: Emails and musings from a spiritual journey through Abu Ghraib, Kandahar, and other garden spots. His first book, Heal Your Self, Heal Your World, is on the topic of Ayurvedic medicine.

Colonel Brian Rees graduated from the US Army War College (USAWC) in 2007. His USAWC Program Research Paper about Invincible Defense Technology entitled "The Application of Strategic Stress Management in Winning the Peace" is available online. Dr. Rees gave a presentation on this topic at the Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S. (AMSUS) convention in 2007. He also gave a presentation about Invincible Defense Technology entitled: "Stress Reduction Using the Transcendental Meditation Program: Solution to Problems Arising from Combat Stress," at the Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy sponsored international military conference.

Col. Rees was the subject of a feature article entitled "Army Doctor Proactive in Trying to Keep Patients and Society Healthy" published in the Stars and Stripes. He co-authored the article "Homeland Security with Unified Field-Based Defense Technology" published by Defence India. His co-authored editorial "Military Solution to Afghanistan Improbable" was published in Pajhwok Afghan News. Dr. Rees's co-authored letter on the topic of PTSD titled "Meditation studied in ’85" was published in the Navy Times and Marine Corps Times.

COL Rees published an article "Overview of Outcome Data of Potential Meditation Training for Soldier Resilience" in the November 2011 issue of Military Medicine. The article abstract is available online. He also coauthored another study published in Military Medicine documenting the TM program’s impact on the symptoms of PTSD in veterans.

Col. Brian Rees was interviewed on The Huffington Post Live Third Metric show titled "Showed Meditation Curbed PTSD In African Refugees." He discussed his TM and PTSD study and the growing interest of using TM for other refugees.

Lt. Colonel Richard E. Neate

Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Neate, M.S. , U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
Co-Director of Invincible Defense for the United States

A pilot and educator during his 12 years of active duty, Lt. Col. Neate (Retired) was a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1967. After one year at Stanford University (gaining his M.S. in Astronautical Engineering at Stanford University), he was stationed at Laughlin AFB, Texas, where he graduated from Air Force Pilot Training in 1969. After a tour of duty flying 200 missions as an F-4 pilot in Viet Nam, he became a Flight Commander of a T-37 Squadron at Columbus AFB in Mississippi.

Starting in 1974, Lt. Col. Neate taught Aeronautical Engineering at Stanford University. In 1976, he accepted a two-year assignment teaching Aeronautical Engineering in Karachi, Pakistan, to Pakistan Air Force cadets. His final active assignment was as an engineering project officer at Space and Missile Systems Organization in California.

Richard wrote a textbook, Flight Test Engineering Methods, and has written papers on the same subject.

In the U.S. Air Force Reserves, Lt. Col. Neate spent nine years as an Air Force Liaison Officer, recruiting young men and women for service in ROTC and the Air Force Academy.

Lt. Col. Neate earned four Distinguished Flying Crosses, twelve Air Medals, and the Distinguished Service Medal. Due to these accomplishments The Asia Sentinel, a Hong Kong, China-based publication singled him out as one of "an eye-popping cadre of retired military men" at the Center for Advanced Military Science.

Shortly after entering the Reserves, Richard joined the faculty at MIU, where he taught Electronic Engineering, ran the Alumni Office, was Dean of Students, and also served as Director of Admissions.

Richard is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program and a founding member of CAMS.

Founder of CAMS
Major General Franklin M. Davis, Jr.

Major General Franklin M. Davis, Jr., U.S. Army (Ret.)
International Resource Faculty Posthumous

The late Major General Franklin M. Davis, Jr. was a founding member of The Board of Trustees at Maharishi International University (MIU) in the 1970s. At MIU, General Davis was also an International Resource Faculty member for the United States in Military Science. In these capacities, he helped to formulate the plans to establish an MIU Institute for Advanced Military Science. These plans were instrumental in the establishment of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) at MIU in 1999.

Davis had a B.A. in Economics/English from the University of Massachusetts and a M.A. degree in International Affairs from George Washington University.

MG Davis's principal awards and decorations included the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star with V for Valor. His wartime service included three major campaigns in World War II in Europe, and four in the war in Vietnam.

Having begun the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program to test its efficacy for use within the military, Maj. General Davis recommended it as an antidote to stress in the armed services and as a possible deterrent to drug abuse. He said, "Transcendental Meditation has done a lot for me personally. My friends and colleagues and my wife say it has improved my disposition and my doctor says it's knocked my blood pressure down ten points...."

While Commandant of the U.S. Army War College, MG Davis gave presentations with Maharishi about "Creative Intelligence and Military Education" at the First and Fifth International Symposiums on the Science of Creative Intelligence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These presentations were recorded on video and have been integrated into "Maharishi's Course on Supreme Military Science".

The late Major General Davis predicted that, while the 20th century would be known as "the age of space exploration," the 21st century would be "the age of the mind," with the Transcendental Meditation technique (a main component of Invincible Defense Technology) having a very important place. He was quoted in "The Military Meditators," an article in Family, the magazine of The Army Times, 04 July 1973.

The CAMS International Advisory Board
Lt. Gen. José Martí Villamil de la Cadena

Lieutenant General José Martí Villamil de la Cadena (Ret.)

Lt. Gen. José Villamil (Retired) graduated as a second lieutenant of Cavalry from the Ecuadorian Military School "Eloy Alfaro" in 1962. He is a graduate of the Interamerican Defense College in Washington, D.C. where he later served as Chief of the Ecuadorian Military Mission and Delegate to the Inter-American Defense Board. He was a Professor at both the War Academy and the Institute of Higher Defense Studies and was a fellow of the Center for Strategic Studies in London. A former brigade commander, he served as Chief of Staff of the Army and Commander of Ground Theatre Operations, Chief of Staff of the Joint Command, Vice-Minister of Defense, and General Secretary of the National Security Council. He retired in April 1996, and now collaborates with the newspaper El Comercio and the economic magazine Gestión. He also serves as Deputy Minister of Defense for South America in Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace.

In his capacity as the Vice-Minister of Defense of Ecuador, General Villamil instigated "The Coherence Project." Villamil co-authored an article ("Project: Coherence", published by the defense think tank India Defence Consultants) about how this quiet field test of Maharishi's Invincible Defense Technology quickly ended Ecuador's war with Peru.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gunter Chassé

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gunter Chassé, German Air Force

Lieutenant Colonel Gunter Chassé (Retired)—decorated with the Honourary Cross of the Bundeswehr in Gold—began his military career in 1969 by completing officer training at the German Air Force Officers' School in Munich. LTC Chassé's specialized military training includes courses on Air Defence Weapon Systems at the German Air Force Air Defence School and the US Army Air Defence School, both in Fort Bliss, Texas, USA. He served in the German Air Force mainly in the Integrated NATO-Air Defence, alternately in commanding and staff positions. From 1992 to his retirement in 1997, he was employed in Home Defence with territorial tasks.

As career officer, he soon realized that in the age of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, diplomacy and military engagements are not able to really protect a nation. He therefore was looking for alternative means of defence to ensure the security of his nation. In Invincible Defence Technology, LTC Chassé found the possibility to avert the danger of war even before it arises. The Bundeswehr is neither trained nor equipped to achieve this. In the last ten years of his active duty, he was attempted to convince all relevant political and military levels that only with Vedic Defence could Germany be secure and invincible.

After his retirement, LTC Chassé founded the "Vedic Peace Corps" (recently renamed the "Maharishi World Peace Trust"). He is also founder and director of the "Institute of Invincible Defence," Hannover, Germany.

LTC Chassé is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program and has traveled in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand lecturing about Maharishi's Invincible Defense Technology.

Gunter Chassé is author of an alternative white paper On the New Security and Defence Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Future of the Bundeswehr: Indomitable Strength through a PREVENTION WING of the Military. The Sri Lanka Guardian published an exclusive interview with him in April 2009 titled 'Yogic Flyers' can keep Lanka united, says German veteran. LTC Chassé has coauthored articles published in Frontier India World Affairs, The Colombo Times, Sri Lanka News First and the Network of Spiritual Progressives about Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) as a means to prevent the implementation of IEDs. [IED - Improvised Explosive Devices] He was invited to speak on this topic at the "Countering IEDs Europe" conference in the Berlin, Germany.

Wing Commander Ravi Badhwar

Wing Commander Ravi Badhwar (Retd.), Indian Air Force

Wing Commander Ravi Badhwar (Retired) graduated from No. 1 Air Force Flying College in 1952. He served with the Indian Air Force, mostly with Operational Fighter Squadrons, and as a Flying Instructor. Hostilities broke out on three occasions during his 24-year military career: with China in 1962, and with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971. During these conflicts, he was actively involved and flew numerous missions. After retirement, from 1976 to 1986, he conducted group tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, comprised of highly successful businesspeople and professionals from the USA and the UK. During this time, he lectured on culture, heritage and spiritual traditions. He has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Wing Commander Badhwar co-authored the article "Maharishi's Supreme Military Science — A Revolutionary Change In The Character Of Military Intervention" published by India Defence Consultants (IDC).

Lt. Commander (Ret.), RCN, Donald M. Coulter

Lieutenant Commander (Ret.), RCN, Donald M. Coulter, BASc, MEng, Ph.D, PEng, CD.

Prof. (Retired) Donald M. Coulter served in the Royal Canadian Navy as an Engineering Officer from 1953 to 1968. Coulter graduated from the Engineering program at the Royal Military College of Canada in 1957. He also received a BASc in Engineering from University of British Columbia and a Masters in Engineering from Royal Military College of Canada. Dr. Coulter was awarded a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1970. As part of his military training, he studied Marine Engineering Sub-Speciality at the Royal Naval Engineering College in Plymouth, U.K. He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration in 1965. Professor Coulter is a Mechanical Engineer who taught at the Royal Military College of Canada 1970 through 2004. From 1987 to 1988, he was an Exchange Lecturer in Guided Weapons propulsion at the Royal Military College of Science in Shrivenham, U.K.

Col. (Retd) S.P. Bakshi

Col. (Retd) Jitendra Jung Karki, Nepal Army

Col. (Retd) Jitendra Jung Karki is the former commanding officer of the Shreenath Battalion in the armed forces of Nepal. Later he was assigned to the No 1 Brigade which guards the President of Nepal. Karki lives in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. He joined the army of Nepal in April 1988. LTC Karki has a degree in Commerce, and is a graduate of the Nepalese Army Command and Staff College. He commanded an independent company in Nepal during the insurgency period from 2004-06. Karki participated in four UN missions:

UNIFIL: United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, ONUB: United Nations Operation in Burundi, UNAMSIL: United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, MONUC – United Nations Mission DR Congo

Col. Karki is an alumnus of The Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies at National Defence University, Washington DC, USA. NESA promotes itself as "the preeminent U.S. Government institution for building relationships and understanding in the NESA region." His publications include "NESA seminar against Terrorism and Vedic Defence Technology," No 1 Brigade Journal and "Invincible Nepal: An Ancient Vedic Technology for Modern Security Challenges of Nepal," Shreenath Journal.

After retiring from the military of Nepal, Col. Karki now works in a civilian capacity for the UN Peacekeeping missions. He is the founder of VEDIC SECURITY Pvt. ltd, an organization that promotes Invincible Defense Technology in Nepal. Due to his efforts it is hoped that Nepal will soon be invincible. For more details see this article published in the Ukraine Times: English, Russian.

Col. (Retd) S.P. Bakshi

Col. (Retd) S.P. Bakshi , M.A, M.Ed., Indian Army

Col. (Retd) S.P. Bakshi has 28 years of distinguished commissioned service in the Indian Army. He has obtained Master of Arts post-graduation degree in the political science from the Punjab University. During his service, he received his Bachelor of education from Saugar University in Madhya Pradesh and also obtained his post-graduation in Master of Education from Himachal University, Shimla.

He has taken part in two wars with Pakistan in (1965 and 1971). He has served during insurgency in the North-Eastern state of Nagaland and high altitude areas in Sikkim facing International Border with China, in the assignment of Intelligence and Field Security officer.

After a decade of soldiering as an infantry officer, he switched over to Army Education Corps. He was training major, imparting basic military training to the Army Education Recruits during his posting at a Training Center. He also served as a senior physiologist in the Services Selection Board for selecting officers for the Indian army. Had a tenure as a Principal of 10+2 co-education boarding School on a deputation to the Special Frontier Force, for the wards of troops posted to High Altitude areas facing International Border with China.

The officer has also commanded National Cadet Corps Battalion in one of the southern states. As Colonel ( Education) held assignments at Corps Headquarter level, planning and supervising and executing educational activities for troops in academics for 10+2 stage level.

Col. S.P. Bakshi's coauthored article titled "Defense Personnel Worldwide Find Transcendental Meditation To be an Effective Tool in Combating Stress" was published in Defence and Security Alert Magazine.

The CAMS Advisory Board
Jason Phippen

Jason Phippen, B.A., U.S. Army Veteran

Jason Phippen is a veteran of the US Army. Jason found relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder using the TM technique. He completed the course work for a Bachelor of Arts at MIU in December 2010. Jason is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Robert Appin

Robert Appin, B.S., Deputy Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Army South

Robert Appin was born and raised in the former Panama Canal Zone. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984. 

Appin became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program in Vittel, France, in 1976 and has taught more than 1,000 individuals. He has lectured throughout Latin America on the benefits of the TM technique as well as its positive effects on society. He has presented special projects to numerous high-government officials.

He has been working with the U.S. Army as a civilian since 1980 and is currently the Deputy Director of Public Affairs for located in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. As part of his work, Appin informs the national and international public about the U.S. Army’s humanitarian assistance projects/disaster relief efforts and about peacekeeping operation simulations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jay B. Marcus

Jay B. Marcus, J.D., Legal Advisor to CAMS

Jay Marcus is a corporate and securities attorney. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University, and a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, Mr. Marcus began his legal career in 1969 working at Marshall, Bratter, Greene, Allison & Tucker, a Park Avenue, New York City law firm.

Mr. Marcus was chairman from 1990 to 1993 of the permanent ethics committee for business lawyers of the Iowa State Bar Association. In 1992 he was the founder of the Non-Partisan Commission for Election Debates, which sponsored presidential and senatorial debates that included third party candidates. Mr. Marcus practices law in Fairfield, Iowa.

Books by Jay Marcus include: TM and Business: The Personal and Corporate Benefits of Inner Development, Success from Within, and The Crime Vaccine: How to End the Crime Epidemic. His book was designated one of the five best non-fiction books of the year by Bookviews.

Jay Marcus published his fourth book on the Transcendental Meditation program called Victory Before War: Preventing Terrorism through the Vedic Peace Technologies of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with coauthor Robert Keith Wallace, Ph.D. This book brings a fresh perspective for our time, based on the ancient principles of creating peace through Invincible Defense Technology.

Robert Ryncarz

Robert Ryncarz, Ed.D, U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran

Bob earned his doctorate in Education from Harvard University where he studied the psychology of moral reasoning and conducted research on the ethical effects of manager behaviors on subordinates. He additionally earned a M.A. in Education from MIU. Over the last 25 years, Bob has held executive positions in leadership development, organization development and knowledge management for Lotus Development Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, and Merck & Co., Inc. He served over 20 years, active duty and reserves, in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) as a member of an Operational Detachment A team. During the Cold War he was operational in Berlin, Germany; his subsequent Army Reserve experience included European and Latin America areas of operation.

Bob is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program.

Captain Raymond E. Seebald

Captain Raymond E. Seebald, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

During his 26 years of service as a recognized expert in the fields of maritime port safety and environmental preparedness, prevention and response, Capt. Seebald's many and varied assignments included the establishment of a new United Nations office in Curacao, where he developed national contingency plans for the countries and islands comprising the wider Caribbean.

As the primary American military consultant to the Panamanian government at the time of their assuming control of the Panama Canal, he advised them on a number of sensitive security issues regarding naval transits, and assisted in the review of canal safety arrangements.

Seebald was a military aide to President Ronald W. Reagan and President George H. Bush while assigned to White House duty from 1986-1990. While stationed at the Coast Guard's regional office in Honolulu, Hawaii, Seebald supervised the deployment of pollution prevention strategies in the Pacific Basin. He also led emergency response teams in the Caribbean after Hurricane Hugo, and participated in similar operations in the wake of Hurricane Iniki in Hawaii, and Frederick in Mobile, Alabama.

As Captain of the Port in Chicago, Illinois, and Savannah, Georgia, and Alternate Captain of the Port in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he was responsible for the development and deployment of more restrictive post-9/11 vessel and port facility security requirements for both the Great Lakes and the Caribbean.

Seebald holds a bachelor's degree in Ocean Science from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and a master's in environmental chemistry from the University of Maryland. He is also fluent in Spanish, and conversant in Papamiento and Samoan.

Capt. Seebald coauthored an editorial published by The Day about Invincible Defense Technology. It was titled "All these ex-military dudes are saying is give TM a chance." The Day is published in New London, Connecticut USA, which is the home to the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). Seebald graduated from the USCGA in 1977.

Seebald spoke about Invincible Defense Technology during the second Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) at the Seoul Press Center in Seoul, South Korea. For details about this news conference, see this article published in Eurasia Review.

Capt. Seebald is currently a Senior Partner at Seebald & Associates International, a full-service maritime safety and security company specializing in the fields of international security, maritime port and vessel operations, leadership development, and training.

D. Edwards Smith

D. Edwards Smith, M.D., US Army Medical Corps Veteran

D. Edwards Smith is a Distinguished Graduate and Valedictorian of the Class of 1960 of the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. Commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in Armor in the US Army Reserves at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, he then went on to medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and received his MD degree in 1964. After three years of residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in internal medicine, he went to the University of California in San Francisco to complete a fellowship in rheumatology. Dr. Smith served on active duty in the US Army Medical Corps and was Chief of Rheumatology at Letterman Army Hospital at the Presidio in San Francisco, California from 1968-1970. He had a private practice of rheumatology and internal medicine in Newport News, Virginia, for the next 15 years. Dr. Smith learned the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1975. In 1985, he returned to academics and research at MIU in Fairfield, Iowa serving as Associate Professor of Physiological and Biological Sciences and Associate Chairman of the department under Dr. Robert Keith Wallace. In 1990, Dr. Smith became a teacher of the TM program. He was named Dean of the Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996. Dr. Smith has publications in pharmacology, infectious disease, rheumatology, Transcendental Meditation, and Maharishi AyurVeda.

Dr. Smith rotated through the Loch Raven VA Hospital in Baltimore as a resident. He has served as a consultant in rheumatology at the Ft. Miley VA Hospital in San Francisco, California, and the Hampton VA Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia. Dr. Smith served as a Lecturer in Rheumatology at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. He treated many veterans in his private practice over several decades.

Dr. Smith's professional experience with patients from World War II, Korea and Vietnam convinced him that the devastation of war lives long after armed conflict ceases. He is convinced that the only real solution is prevention of the birth of an enemy and has been a part of groups practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi programs for this purpose since 1985. Dr. Smith feels these human resource-based technologies are the greatest public health measures ever made available to the health care system of any country.

John Sorflaten

John Sorflaten, Ph.D., CPE, CUA, United States Air Force Veteran

John Sorflaten, Ph.D. spent his first three years in the U.S. Air Force as an enlisted airman. Sorflaten was selected to participate in the Air Force Officer Training and Commissioning Program, and sent to film school at the University of Southern California. As a photography officer, he made motion pictures in several duty stations for four years, including Vietnam. For two of those years, he was a unit commander for U.S. Strike Command. He learned the Transcendental Meditation technique during this time. Sorflaten obtained the rank of Captain before his honorable discharge in 1972. Sorflaten's military decorations include the Air Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Korea), Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign ribbon.

In 1977, Sorflaten completed his M.A. in Education at MIU. He spent 3 years designing word processing systems for Asian languages. Dr. Sorflaten was employed at Human Factors International (HFI) at their Fairfield, Iowa headquarters from 1988 to 2008, where he was one of their key software egronomists and instructors. While working at HFI, Sorflaten completed his Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Iowa. Dr. Sorflaten's dissertation involved research on the correlation of EEG coherence during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique with the development of logical reasoning. Curently he is a Sr. Usability Engineer at Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC. Dr. Sorflaten has co-authored several published articles with his wife, Theresa Olson-Sorflaten, on the healing effects of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music.

Dr. Sorflaten is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program.

Founding Members of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS):
Robert Herron, Ph.D.

Robert E. Herron, Ph.D., M.B.A., U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Dr. Herron is the Director of the Center for Health Systems Analysis in Fairfield, Iowa. As an independent researcher and consultant, he has conducted extensive research on how to improve medical system effectiveness and reduce national and corporate medical expenditures. He found that governments and businesses could adopt certain types of cost-effective disease prevention and health promotion methods to reduce their medical expenses. A summary of this research is contained in his book, New Knowledge for New Results: A Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Skyrocketing Medical Costs.

From 1966 – 1969, Dr. Herron served on active duty in the U. S. Marine Corps. From Oct. 1967 to Nov. 1968, he served in South Vietnam as an infantryman in C Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. Herron served in the DMZ area during the Tet Offensive, which featured some of the heaviest fighting of the Vietnam Conflict. He started as a rockets team member and was later promoted to squad leader. As squad leader, he led his squad in daytime patrols and night ambushes near the DMZ and Laotian border. Later, Dr. Herron was promoted to platoon right guide. He was awarded Naval Achievement Medal with combat "V" for meritorious service in Vietnam. He was honorably discharged as a sergeant in 1972.

Dr. Herron explained his experiences with the TM program: "When I returned from Vietnam in 1968, I was very stressed and depressed, and this affected my quality of life and academic performance. I had entered college soon after my leaving active duty in the Marine Corps."

"Before starting TM, I was a C student. After starting TM, I almost immediately become a straight A student and went on to earn an AA, BA, MSCI, MBA and PhD in Management. The depression went away quickly, and I have been happy most of the time ever since starting the practice. Since beginning TM on 14 February 1970, I have meditated twice a day without even one miss, because I have enjoyed my program so much. I have had excellent experiences in and out of meditation since the first day I started TM practice. I feel that TM saved my life, health, and happiness. I highly recommend the TM technique for all active duty and former military personnel." Dr. Herron coauthored a TM study with CAMS member COL (US Army, Ret.) Brian Rees. M.D. that was published in Military Medicine.

Lieutenant Dan Burke

Lieutenant Dan Burke, U.S. Navy SEAL Teams (Ret.)

The late Dan Burke was a combat veteran of U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, a prior enlisted "mustang" who retired after eight years of active duty and twelve years of US Navy Reserves duty. He earned his B.A. in the Science of Creative Intelligence (summa cum laude) and M.A. in Professional Writing (with honors) from MIU in Fairfield, Iowa, where he served as Student Body President and wrote an undergraduate thesis entitled "Military Science & the Science of Creative Intelligence." He organized introductory lectures on the applied benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique and the TM-Sidhi program for top US military commands. He co-authored the article "Invincible Defense A New 'Secret Weapon'!"" published by the Canadian Centers for Teaching Peace. Lt. Burke found the Transcendental Meditation technique to be "tremendously beneficial" during combat operations in Panama while serving with the US Navy SEALS in 1989. Dan passed away on 2 Feb 2011.

James L. Fleming M.D.

James L. Fleming M.D., B.C.P. Staff Psychiatrist, Crossroads Correctional Center

Dr. Fleming received a Bachelor's Degree in nutrition in 1975 and a Master's Degree in physiology in 1980 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He finished his medical training at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1985. After completing a four-year Psychiatry Residency at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., he served as a Medical Officer on a Maximum Security Unit, also at St. Elizabeth's. Since 1989, Dr. Fleming has worked full-time as a psychiatrist for the US Army as well as at various public and private settings including private practice, correctional and residential facilities and community mental health centers. Jim served as medical director for an adult residential facility for five years. He has worked in private practice and as a consultant for mental health agencies in Kansas City and Iowa. In May of 2005, he became president-elect of the Western Missouri Psychiatric Society (the district branch of the American Psychiatric Association--APA). Dr. Fleming is also: the APA's district branch contact for psychiatric response to disasters; a member of the Mid-America Medical Reserve Corps; and a member of a Mental Health Disaster Committee for the Kansas City area, which is organized under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In November of 2005, he served as a volunteer in New Orleans as part of the Katrina Assistance Project organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Jim became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program in 1978. From January 2008 to December he was a civilian contract psychiatrist at the Irwin Army Community Hospital, Ft. Riley Kansas. Currently he is the Staff Psychiatrist, Crossroads Correctional Center (Maximum Security), Cameron, Missouri.

Dr. Fleming's coauthored letter entitled "Finding ways to heal" which explains how the Transcendental Meditation program could help military personnel recover from stress-related problems like PTSD was published in the Air Force Times.

Lt. Commander Carlos Font

Lieutenant Commander Carlos Font, B.S., United States Navy (Ret.)

The Late Lt. Commander Carlos Font, U.S. Navy, (Retired), graduated from Tulane University with a B.S. in Geology. He entered ROTC training in Pensacola and was commissioned in the U.S. Navy. Font flew on and off 16 different aircraft carriers, including the USS Enterprise. He flew 99 combat and combat support missions from Danang, South Vietnam in 1968.

Font was a founding member and first chair of the U.S. Supreme Military Council, W.G.A.E., in South Fallsburg New York. He attended all the Invincibility Conferences in Seelisberg, Switzerland in 1978.

After retiring from the Navy, Font joined, in 1979, Therm International, a manufacturer of turbine engine blades. As Vice-President, he traveled extensively and had dealings with government officials in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, and other countries.

Font left Therm International in 1986 and became associated with a Canadian manufacturer of experimental aircraft. He flew the Aerocat, a twin engine amphibian.

Ronald Khare

Ronald Khare, M.S., M.A., United States Marine Corps Veteran

The late Ron Khare served on active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps from 1965 to 1969, obtaining the rank of Sergeant. He was stationed in Vietnam for one year. His military decorations include: Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, National Defense Service Medal, and Good Conduct Medal. Ron received a M.S. in Psychology and a M.A. in Education from MIU. Other academic study includes a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida and doctoral study (E.B.D.) at M.U.M. Ron has held management positions in sales, marketing, and advertising.

The abstract for Ron Khare's pioneering Master Thesis "The Transcendental Meditation Technique as a Proposed Treatment for Vietnam Veterans Suffering for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" is available online. Information about the Brooks and Scarano study published in the Journal of Counseling and Development on Vietnam veterans diagnosed with PTSD, is also available.

Ronald Khare was a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program.

Kurt W. Kleinschnitz

Kurt W. Kleinschnitz, Ph.D., United States Navy Veteran

Kurt W. Kleinschnitz, received his Ph.D. in Physics at MIU. He is completing a research program to develop an EEG-based indicator for the Maharishi Effect, the effect of increased orderliness in society, (e.g., reduction of war, conflict, crime, accidents, disease, etc., and improvement in economic trends) resulting for the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. He plans to use this indicator in a research program investigating the physics of this phenomenon, and the field-like nature of human consciousness. Kurt is a six-year veteran of the U.S. Navy. Dr. Kleinschnitz is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Dr. Kurt Kleinschnitz co-authored the article "An Alternative To Military Violence And Fear-Based Deterrence: Twenty Years Of Research On The Maharishi Effect" published by the Security And Political Risk Analysis think tank. His co-authored article "The Perfect Military Intervention in Afghanistan" was published in OpEdNews.

Kenneth G. Walton

Kenneth G. Walton, Ph.D., Neurochemist

Kenneth G. Walton received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Vanderbilt University. He completed postdoctoral training in neurochemistry at Yale University School of Medicine and in psychobiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Walton directed the Neurochemistry Laboratory at MIU for over 25 years, and was a Senior Fellow in the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention at that institution. During these years, his multifaceted research program on the neurochemistry and neuroendocrinology of higher states of consciousness focused on the role of the Transcendental Meditation program in correcting stress-induced abnormal psychophysiological states that can lead to substance abuse, criminal behaviors, and cardiovascular disease. His research has important implications for the utility of the Transcendental Meditation and advanced TM-Sidhi programs in the military. He has co-authored an article "Maharishi's Supreme Military Science—A Revolutionary Change In The Character Of Military Intervention" published by India Defence Consultants (IDC). Dr. Walton's coauthored letter entitled "Finding ways to heal" which explains how the Transcendental Meditation program could help military personnel recover from stress-related problems like PTSD was published in the Air Force Times.

Rick Shaddock

Rick Shaddock, Ph.D., United States Marine Corps Veteran, Computer Science Expert

Rick Shaddock was in the U.S. Marine Corps, Platoon Leaders Class program, and received an Honorable Discharge. He is the CAMS webmaster.

Arlene Schar

Arlene J. Schar, Director of Communications

Arlene J. Schar has been serving since 2015 as Executive Assistant to Dr. David Leffler, Executive Director at CAMS, and has recently been promoted to Director of Communications. Ms. Schar has co-written numerous articles with Dr. Leffler, which have been published in hundreds of locations worldwide. She has been lead author on many of these articles, as well as primary editor. A list of her publications is available by clicking here. Ms. Schar provides support for all of Dr. Leffler's activities, including research, correspondence, reports, calendar management, and orchestrating all lecture and travel arrangements. Ms. Schar is an active practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation technique and an avid advocate of Invincible Defense Technology. She has completed the TM-Sidhi program (advanced meditation program) and will complete the Yogic Flying Block in December 2021.

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